Welcome to Gippsland Homelessness Network

The Gippsland Homelessness Network (GHN) is a resource to the homelessness sector operating in the Gippsland Region.

This website enables the GHN to inform and engage with;

  • The Specialist Homelessness Sector (SHS) Funded Services
  • Homelessness Practitioners and allied workers
  • GHN Members 
  • Those seeking pathways to Specialist Homelessness Services and support  
  • The Gippsland Community and
  • The Media

Do you need help?

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About the GHN Website

The website will serve as a mechanism to;

  • Promote and Campaign - Raise community awareness of Homelessness and its impacts
  • Media and communication - offer information and contacts related to the Specialist Homelessness Sector in Gippsland  
  • Document repository – a central storage and access point for documents and tools related to the GHN and Specialist Homelessness Service work.

Housing Ends Homelessness – Victoria needs a pipeline of 6,000 social housing properties to be built every year